Tıp İçin Tasarla

Design For Medicine (Tıp İçin Tasarla)

Acibadem University Biodesign Center and Autodesk organized in cooperation with “Tıp İçin Tasarla” project competition was held on 2-3 December 2017 at Acıbadem University.

Within the scope of the project competition, 60 students from 8 universities designed 10 different products with interdisciplinary collaboration. Sixty students selected from the Medical, Engineering, Design and Business Departments of Acıbadem, Boğaziçi, Bülent Ecevit, Gazi, ITU, Karabük, Marmara and Middle East Technical Universities were divided into 10 teams and worked together on a real medical need. They presented their business plan and product in front of the jury.