Robot El

Social Responsibility

Acıbadem Biodesign Center & ‘Robot El’ Cooperation

Within the scope of our Biodesign center with non-governmental organizations; Together with the RobotEl Association, we share economic and usable robotic hands (Robotel) that are produced with 3D printers of special dimensions and qualities for children with ABS syndrome in developmental period that cannot reach or use the prosthesis. An individual needs an average of 20 different robotic hands until they complete their physical development. As Acıbadem Biodesign Center, we aim to keep in touch with the children we support and be with them during the development process to support the new robotic hand requirements with models that we will design with our Medical Engineering students in line with their needs.

Needs & Reasons

ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome) is a disease that affects especially limbs in the development of children from birth. Due to ABS disease, limb losses due to trauma are seen at very high rates in the finger and hand area.
Most of the hand and foot prostheses, mobility is kept in the background. In addition, existing prostheses are high above the prices for families with low and medium income. Especially in children, the process of fitting a prosthesis has become a major problem, since children are still in a period of growth and development, which often necessitates replacement of the prosthesis. So many children in the world are deprived of prosthesis until they complete their development.
In short, ‘Robotel’ is very useful; because it is both cheap and functional. It offers a solution that will greatly improve the quality of life for children, especially until the age of using permanent prostheses.