2017-2018 SIEMENS ITT

First Acibadem Meeting

Acıbadem ITT members, consisting of Acibadem Medical Engineering students from different seniorities were given their first task.

Founders and Program Directors:

Prof. Sultan Haider, Program Director Acibadem ITT lab and Global Head of Innovation Think Tank, Siemens Healthineers

Prof. Ata Akin, Academic Director and Dean of Engineering, Acibadem University

The concept of Hospital of the Future was suggested by ITT Headquarters and several briefings were given to the team via video calls. The members got a virtual tool of the ITT Headquarters and were inspired on how the researches were conducted and turned into different concepts and projects. The different models located in the headquarters were especially inspiring for the team and after the tour, it was decided to focus on The Hospital of the Future concept and make models of their own. As a starting project it was decided that it would be better to focus on a specific department instead of the hospital as a whole. The members were given the task of visiting 10 different public and private emergency departments, talking with the staff, the patients and if possible, the doctors and nurses. After the initial meeting a deadline was given in order to gather as much information as possible.