Biodesign Workshop Bulletin June 3,4

The first large-scale workshop of the Istanbul Biodesign Center under the Acıbadem University, supported by the Istanbul Development Agency, took place on 3-4 June 2017. Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine and Medical Engineering students, Sabancı University Mechatronics Engineering students, Boğaziçi University Business and Economics Department students, Marmara University Industrial Product Design and Electrical and Electronics Engineering students participated in the workshop. The team of 23 students tried to develop innovative solutions to the clinical problems presented in the study sessions and presented the business models of their solutions.

During the 2-day workshop, Gülin Yücel, one of the founding partners of Sustineo Istanbul, attended Durmaz Teknoloji Ltd. Şti. Aytaç Durmaz, founder and CEO of the company, Kemal Kaplan, board member of Acıbadem Technology, and Ceyhun Burak Akgül, co-founder of Vispera International Technologies, attended the workshop as motivational speakers. Participation students were given Innovation Management and Brand Design and Creative Idea Management trainings. At the end of the workshop, all students were entitled to receive Biodesign Education Certificates. Istanbul Biodesign Center will continue its activities in the coming periods with its training and workshops.

Within the scope of the Clustering Support Program of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Istanbul Health Industry Cluster (ISEK) Project, which is also one of the founders of Acıbadem University, was entitled to support for 5 years with a budget of 13.4 million. Acibadem University’s Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, which is the coordinator of the project’s work package, the signing ceremony of the project was held on May 3, 2017 with the participation of Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology. Acibadem University on behalf of the signing ceremony.

Dr. Tanıl Kocagöz and Prof. Dr. Ata Akın took part. With the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the project will contribute to the development of health technologies and life sciences and support the strengthening of the health sector. Acıbadem University will support the Incubation Center, Biodesign Center and R & D laboratories.