‘Robotel’ Project from Acıbadem University Biodesign Center

In our Biodesign Center, we design robotic hands (robotel) with our group of teachers and students.

How We Support

As a result of our cooperation with the Robot Hand Association, we formed a team of volunteer students for each case. These team-specific teams follow the entire process closely until the physical development process of the individual is completed. Since this process takes an average of 15 years, our students transfer their duties in the team to new students and ensure sustainability. Tool documentation & measurement, design, printing & assembly steps follow the process. In these steps, the experience of Medical Engineering and Orthotics Prosthesis Department can be combined and collaborated. Afterwards, compliance with Robotel’s delivery and operation is checked and if a change or improvement is required, the process goes back to the design process and repeated.

Our robotel prosthesis was delivered in August 2019


We aim to provide the most effective benefit to the current needs of the society in which we live together with our knowledge, experience and technology. While sharing the values we can produce; to support our social needs in the field of health with innovative solutions and to develop the future generations with applications more competently.
We also aim to create more efficient, useful models on designs as well as creating accessible, practical electronic / robotic Robotel designs. Developing apparatus / models are suitable for additional functions such as cycling, using computers and mobile devices, playing group games are among our common goals in this area.