The second ‘Design for Medicine’ Competition organized in collaboration with Acıbadem University and Autodesk, was held on December 15-16, 2018 with the participation of 60 students from many universities with the support of Acıbadem University Incubation Center and Biodesign Center. Students from Acıbadem, Marmara, İstanbul Technical, Gazi, Karabük, Yeditepe and Middle East Technical Universities in the departments of Medicine, Engineering and Design gathered 10 multidisciplinary teams. The teams produced solutions for health problems and designed 3-D products. The competition started with the transfer of the two main problems in the field of health to the participants. Afterwards, participants who received business model training also gained information about 3D design. The teams prepared a presentation file to solve the problems after two days of work and presented their presentations to the jury. The jury selected the top three teams.


1) Patients who have problems such as falling out of bed during normal life or treatment can cause serious injuries and unfortunately result in death. How can we solve this problem? In addition, when a person falls out of bed, how can we turn this into an uninjured event?

2) In bedridden patients, joints due to limitation of movement lose their function. This prevents individuals from moving and positioning. What kind of solutions can be provided for this problem?

Jury Evaluation Board Members:

• Prof. Dr. Ersin Erek – Acıbadem University
• Dr. Gaye Esmeray – A-DORA Nursing Home Manager
• Öğr. Gör. Dr. Ali İmre Aydeniz – İstanbul Technical University
• Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Yiğit Dağhan Gökdel – İstanbul Bilgi University
• Gökçe Gün – Yakın Kampüs

First Award

• Ahmet Güreşçi, Marmara U. Indrustrial Products Design
• Ayşe Yaprak, İstanbul Technical U. Indrustrial Products Design
• Çağatay Gümüşdağ, Karabük U. Mechanical Eng.
• Görkem Yılmaz, Acıbadem U. Medical Eng.
• Muhammed Tayfun Taşdemir, Acıbadem U. Medicine
• Özgün Öziş, Marmara U. Mechanical Eng.

Second Award

• Ali Enes Yavaş, Acıbadem U. Medical Eng.
• Beste İncekulak, Marmara U. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
• Cenk Emir Çetiner, Gazi U. Industrial Design Eng.
• Mert Efe Ceylan, Gazi U. Industrial Design Eng.
• Nazmi İnce, İstanbul Technical U. Mechanical Eng.
• Zafer Pulur, Karabük U. Biomedical Eng.

Third Award

• Cansu Kardaş, Gazi U. Industrial Design Eng.
• Furkan Hayri Özkan, METU Mechanical Eng.
• İbrahim Göksu, Acıbadem U. Medical Eng.
• Merve Dülger, Marmara U. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
• Selen Önder, Karabük U. Industrial Design Eng.
• Tolga Uçar, Marmara U. Mechanical Eng.

We congratulate all the teams that make up an interdisciplinary project by participating in the Design for Medicine 2 project competition and we would like to thank all the people and organizations who contributed.


The first ever Innovation and Design for Medical Technologies (IDMedTech) Program was organized as a collaboration between Siemens Healthineers Innovation Think Tank and Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University.  The program