Acıbadem ITT In Erlangen


A Visit by ITT HQ to Acibadem ITT Istanbul-Turkey

Acıbadem University and the ITT team welcomed a team from the ITT Headquarters in Erlangen in (April 27, 2018). Some of our team members got the opportunity to meet and share their experiences with members of ITT Erlangen. Acıbadem University’s campus and Labmed were both visited during their brief stay.

 A Visit by Acibadem ITT Team to ITT HQ, Erlangen-Germany

Acıbadem ITT members made a visit to the Erlangen Headquarters between April 26-27th. Since the lab in Erlangen was the starting point of the Hospital of Future Project, it was very inspiring for the team to see how Innovation Think Tank worked and the details that were needed to be payed attention to. The 3D models were comprehensively examined and explained by Mr. Haider to give ideas on how to proceed with Acıbadem ITT’s upcoming ER model. A second progress briefing was given which included the hackathon event and both teams had the opportunity to have conversations and share their experiences.   


Construction of the Acibadem ITT Emergency Department Model

After receiving the feedback and examining the actual models, it was decided that a 3D model should be made for the new ER concept so that it would be more concrete and understandable. Taking the plans from the Sancaktepe State Hospital as a base, a simple model was built to showcase the observed pain points. Index cards that held the problems were placed within the observed areas and some Lego pieces were distributed to enhance the model’s appearance