The concept of Hospital of the Future was suggested by ITT Headquarters and several briefings were given to the team via video calls. The members got a virtual tool of the ITT Headquarters and were inspired on how the researches were conducted and turned into different concepts and projects. The different models located in the headquarters were especially inspiring for the team and after the tour, it was decided to focus on The Hospital of the Future concept and make models of their own. As a starting project it was decided that it would be better to focus on a specific department instead of the hospital as a whole. The members were given the task of visiting 10 different public and private emergency departments, talking with the staff, the patients and if possible, the doctors and nurses. After the initial meeting a deadline was given in order to gather as much information as possible.

Emergency Department Visits

Each team member got to visit at least 1 emergency department of their choosing. They spent hours in waiting rooms trying to have conversations with the people within that environment. The easiest group to access were the patients waiting in the ED which gave a valuable insight on patient satisfaction and patient-related problems.The next group consisted of the janitorial staff and the receptionists who carried the key roles of hygiene and registration. The information gathered from this group represented the often overseen problems that actually play a big role in inhibiting the overall workflow. The last group consisted of physicians and nurses who gave the team members many problems as well as possible solution ideas for them. As a result, many pain-points were determined and documented (with the hospitals’ permission). These were compiled to be presented to the entire team. After the presentations, the pain-points were categorized according to their impact, urgency and feasibility. A list of the visited hospitals:

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Hospital
Sancaktepe Public Hospital
Haydarpaşa Numune Public Hospital
Kartal Public Training and Research Hospital
Kartal Avicenna Hospital
Baltalimanı Bone and Joint Diseases Hospital
Medipol Koşuyolu Hospital
Acibadem Maslak Hospital
Sisli Etfal Hospital
Acibadem Altunizade Hospital

Meeting with Prof. Sultan Haider

Once the hospital visits were over and the observations were coherently merged together by the team, a thorough briefing presentation was given to our project coordinator Mr. Sultan Haider right after the IMLEAP final in Boğaziçi University. After Mr. Haider’s feedback, the future plans for the project and the required paths were discussed in February 16, 2018.     


Weekly Scheduled Alignment Meetings

Through weekly meeting both the team members and mentors were able to come together to share their gathered information and ideas about the Hospital of the Future Project. After the initial task allocation, 10 different hospitals were visited to complete the first observation step. After gathering the necessary information and discussing each team member’s observations, the weekly meeting focused more on how to proceed to the next steps of the project. Each meeting was recorded and recapped as short reports to help stay on track. Towards the end of the semester it was decided to host a Hackaton event in order to add different perspectives to the project. At certain points, some short briefings and video conferences were conducted with Mr. Sultan Haider to get the necessary feedback.

  1. Senior ER Physician Visit to the Acibadem ITT team
  2. A very experienced ER physician was invited to the Acibadem University to conduct a small workshop. Talking about his experiences, Dr. Murat İçen was able to give an incredible first hand perspective on how the workflow is within the ER. He also mentioned some of the rare cases he has received and how going further away from the routine can cause more problems. The member of Acibadem ITT were also given the chance to interact with the guest and get their questions answered. Additionally the compiled pain points were presented to Dr. Murat İçen , getting his opinion on how the classification was and which topics to choose for the upcoming Acibadem ITT event.