Spanç Sayma İşlemi

Our team came together for the first project at the bio-design center. We tried to find a solution to the sponge counting process which is one of the most encountered problems with our students in the operating rooms.

2. Etkiliğimiz

On April 21st 2017, our second event was conducted with the attendance of students from the medical engineering, medicine and molecular biology and genetics departments.

Problems given below were discussed;

  1. Babies that are born prematurely or have had complications after birth are commonly sent home with prescribed oxygen therapies, in such cases what could be done to provide a hospital environment at home?
  2. The trouble nurses face while drawing blood and finding veins in patients that have fear of needles.
  3. Doctors sometimes prescribe the wrong medicine due to the lack of knowledge in patient’s medical history which then causes many unnecessary complications. Another similar problem is the patients not being properly educated towards the usage of these prescribed medicine.
  4. The patients that have chronic illnesses need to take regular urinary testings however it is not always convenient for patients to constantly travel back and forth to the hospital.
  5. In most endoscopic systems and laparoscopic surgeries the probe that carries the fiberoptic screening system gets contaminated with blood or other substances while inside the body which causes a blockage in the viewing.
  6. Providing the smooth information flow between the ambulance thats carrying a patient and the recipient emergency room team

While working on finding solutions, a presentation on creating a proper work model was given to the attendees. The questionnaires given after the event were met with positive outcomes.